Federico Cardona Pons

Federico Cardona Pons, Manager Director

01. Who are we?

Myweekcharter is a nautical charter agency specialized in finding and renting sailboats all around the Mediterranean. With a home base is in Ireland, but a heart and soul from Menorca, Myweekcharter was born in 2013 with the objective to bring the Mediterranean closer to everyone offering many new ways to explore it.

The Myweekcharter team is composed mainly of marine scientists with ample experience in nautical chartering. Our scientific background and our passion for the sea have inspired us at Myweekcharter to look for the perfect combination of the pleasures of seafaring as well as conservation and respect for the marine environment.
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¿Qué ofrecemos?

02. What do we offer?

At Myweekcharter we offer the possibility to rent one of the close to 2000 sailboats that we have at our disposition through a wide network of collaborators, which are distributed throughout the entire Mediterranean region. We offer sloops, catamarans, and schooners, with or without a skipper, to navigate in whatever area of the Mediterranean that you choose, and during any time of year. At Myweekcharter we offer personalized attention to our clients to help them choose the option that best adapts to their needs.

At Myweekcharter we bill our services directly to the charter companies with whom we have collaboration agreements, so that it does not involve any additional cost to the client that is renting the boat. Since we work with many companies in Myweekcharter we are able to find very competitive prices and also special discounts. Many times we can offer prices that are even lower than those that the company itself can offer.
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Nuestros valores

03. Our Values

1. The satisfaction and the security of the client

At Myweekcharter we offer personalized attention by looking for the best options in accordance of the expectations of the client, and by helping to choose a destination and a boat that suits their needs. All of the companies that Myweekcharter represents have the appropriate government authorization to rent boats. Also, all of these boats comply with the safety measures required by law so that our clients only need to worry about how they might enjoy their vacations.

Furthermore, at Myweekcharter we collaborate with the insurance agency Yacht-Pool International, providing our clients with various options for insurance polices.

2. Pricing

At Myweekcharter we are conscious of the quality of our product, but we woul also like that nautical charting be an activity that is accessible to everyone. Renting a boat with Myweekcharter , the client will pay the same that he/she would pay to a charter company or possibly less. Because we are able to be in contact with almost all of the charter companies in the Mediterranean, Myweekcharter is able to attain the best prices and special offers, thus we are able to offer our clients the best prices on the market.

3. The environment

For Myweekcharter, to sail is more than just traveling around in a sailboat. For us, to sail also implies interacting with nature and the sea. Due to our consciousness of the values of the marine ecosystem, we are inclined to conserve, protect and respect it. For Myweekcharter, the quality of our product also involves fostering an attitude of respect so that in the future, our children can enjoy the same experience sailing that we ourselves are enjoying today. Through a good practices guide that we offer to our clients, we provide information of how to enjoy sailing in a sustainable way that is respectful of the marine ecosystem. Furthermore, Myweekcharter collaborates in the dissemination of various research projects that promote the conservation of the Mediterranean as well as the ONG Posidonia Med, www.posidoniafestival.com that advocates the conservation of Posidonia oceanica, a species of seagrass that forms dense underwater meadows and forms the base of the marine ecosystem in the Mediterranean.
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Legal FAQs

04. Legal

What is Myweekcharter

Myweekcharter is a boat charter agency registered in the Company Registration Office of Ireland with the registration number 522609 and the VAT number 3003775 IH.

How do I make a reservation?

Our system is updated in real-time so that you can make a reservation directly through the webpage indicating the dates, destination, the number of guests, and selecting one of the many vessels we have available. In the case that you are not able to find a boat for the destination and dates selected, or that you prefer personal assistance making your selections, you can always get in contact with us though email or over telephone.
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How and when do I pay?

The first payment of 50% of the price of the boat rental (without extras) will be charged at the time of the booking. The other 50% will be charged 6 weeks before boarding. If the reservation is made within 6 weeks of the boarding date, the full payment will be charged at the time the reservation is made. To keep the prices of the charters as low as possible at Myweekcharter, we only accept bank transfers.
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What is included in the price of the boat?

The price includes the boat rental with all the tools necessary for sailing and the safety equipment necessary by law, the taxes associated with the rental, and the insurance of the vessel. Beyond that, the price also includes personalized attention from the time of booking until the time of boarding, and technical service once on board.
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What are the extras?

Some charter companies may offer some extras that are not included in the price of the boat. In some cases there are extras that the company that owns the vessel obligates you to pay (i.e. cleaning service of the boat, tourist taxes in the area where the boat will be sailed). Optional extras refer to any additional service (i.e. skipper, steward/stewardess, kayak, use of the spinnaker, etc.) Through our reservation system, you will be able to see which extras are already included in the price and which are not. However, if there are any doubts feel free to contact us directly.
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And what happens with the deposit?

The security deposit of any boat rented with or without skipper, must be paid directly to the company that owns the rental vessel either in cash or via credit card right before boarding the vessel. The security deposit is used in the case that the vessel suffers from any damage, loss of equipment, or late return. The crew will be responsible for the vessel during the period the boat is chartered. In the case of damage, loss or late return, the maximum charge possible is the same quantity as the security deposit. If the vessel is returned in the same conditions as those in which it was rented the deposit will be returned in full to the client. At Myweekcharter we offer the possibility to contract a security deposit through the security agency Yacht-Pool International.
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The responsibility of the client is limited to the damage on the boat caused by the skipper, the crew, or any third party. Myweekcharter offers the option to contract additional insurances through Yacht-Pool International such as charter deposit insurance, skipper liability insurance, skipper accident insurance, charter consequential-damage insurance or charter cancellation insurance. Get in contact with us if you would like more information about the various insurance plans offered.
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Cancellation Policy

Written cancellation should be made in advance of the departure date and should be accompanied by all of the documentation supplied up until that date. Cancellation will only be made effective the day that this documentation is received by us. If the cancellation is made 10 weeks prior to the departure date, the client will only loose the amount paid upon reservation. If the cancellation is made between 10-6 prior to the departure date, the client will loose 75% of the total amount of the rental. If the cancellation is made during the 6 weeks prior to boarding, the client will loose 100% of the total amount of the rental.
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Consejos prácticos

05. Advice for planning your charter

Which boat should I choose?

At Myweekcharter we offer sailboats, catamarans, and schooners. Sailboats and schooners are the true reflection of sailing and offer the sensation of a true mariner that no other vessel can offer. Furthermore, a sailboat or a schooner occupies much less space in a port than a catamaran such that the mooring prices are cheaper that those of a catamaran of the same length. Catamarans are much more spacious than sloops or schooners and have a more illuminated interior. In general, catamarans are much more habitable and have a shallower drought than other sailboats allowing them to navigate in shallower waters.

In general terms, there are two important issues at the time of choosing a boat: the size, and the age of it. Larger boats have a greater number of rooms and bathrooms and offer a feeling of spaciousness. The age is generally an indicator of the boat’s comfort standards as well as the price.
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With or without skipper?

Navigating a sailboat requires knowledge of the sea and the wind, as well as previous experience as a navigator. There are nautical degrees that accredit this knowledge. If you or someone that will join you has obtained a degree that certifies the ability to navigate recreationally, you may opt for the option to rent a boat without a skipper or a “bareboat charter.” If you do not have a nautical degree, or you would simply prefer to be accompanied by a skipper with more experience or with whom you can share the responsibility of navigating the boat, we also offer the possibility to hire a skipper. In some cases, there are vessels that only rent boats with a skipper and normally they are in a better state than those which navigate with many different skippers.
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What kind of degree do I need to skipper the boat?

The different nautical degrees issued vary from country to country. Each country has specific laws when issuing licenses for recreational boating and usually they are accepted in all nautical charter destinations in the Mediterranean. Feel free to

get in touch with us if you have any doubts about whether you degree allows you to rent a boat in the country where you wish to navigate.
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Where should I go?

Many times the availability of flights or nearby airports is the limiting factor at the time of choosing a destination. Each corner of the Mediterranean has a history and intrinsic beauty different from the next, making each destination special. See our brochure to find out what are the principal yacht charter destinations in the Mediterranean. If you are still not clear, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you choose a destination based on the expectations you have for your trip.


In Myweekcharter we offer the possibility to rent vessels throughout the whole year, although it is in the summer months when the Mediterranean climate offers the best conditions for sailing and enjoying everything that a nautical charter vacation offers. Most boating activity in the Mediterranean is concentrated in the months of May to September, which is also when the prices are the highest. The prices vary depending on the company, but in general terms it’s the end of July and the month of August when it is most expensive to rent a boat. With a little luck from the weather, you can also enjoy magnificent sailing conditions and good temperatures during the months of April and October at prices much lower than those of the high season.
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What itinerary should I follow?

At Myweekcharter we engage mainly in weekly rentals because we believe that it is time enough to enjoy charter sailing in all its fullness. It is always good to have an idea of approximately the route that you would like to sail or the places where you would like to visit. We can help you to draw up a route so that you may make the most of your trip, although we do strongly recommend that you let go and enjoy your adventure with out stress of a fixed itnerary. So if you find yourself enjoying a place so much that you don’t want to move, or you feel the need to stay a day longer in certain place… do it!

At Myweekcharter we also offer the possibility to make charters in just one direction. For an additional cost you can navigate without the need to return. Contact us for more information.
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Where do I find information about the marinas in my charter zone?

In all of the vessels you will find the necessary information to make a safe navigation in the area that you choose.
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Who will give me technical assistance?

At Myweekcharter we will take care of you from the moment you contact us until the moment you arrive at the port where your journey will begin. Once there, the charter company, our collaborators, will be the ones responsible to make sure that everything is at your disposal and in the best conditions possible, as well as to solve any technical problems you might have with the vessel during your trip.
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